Diagnostic Imaging Services

A Lifetime of Experience

The Stork’s Nest opened in mid April of 2015 and has enjoyed overwhelming support from clients who have utilized our services. Everyone we have seen has commented on the quality of our care and the comfortable environment in which that care is given. Many clients have expressed the desire to have all their ultrasounds at our facility, including studies ordered by their physician. More and more, people are choosing to be in control of their health care decisions, where they spend their health care dollars, and evaluating the respect given for their individual needs and situations. In response and with the knowledge that we can meet and exceed your expectations, we are expanding our services to include diagnostic exams.
Performing diagnostic obstetric ultrasounds has been my career focus for the past twenty years. This experience allows me to provide the exam ordered by your physician during your pregnancy. This medical diagnostic exam requires review by a physician. We are partnering with Dr.Thomas Losure of Perinatal Diagnostics to review your ultrasound and provide a report to your physician.
Our Medical Director is a certified specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine. You can be assured that your ultrasound examination will receive the expert review it deserves.


  • Our desire to provide a more personal and positive patient-focused experience
  • A non-clinical, relaxed and comfortable setting that allows you to choose the people you wish to bring to your appointment
  • Availability of convenient evening and weekend appointments
  • Our ability to provide excellent service at lower cost than clinics and hospitals.
  • People who have insurance plans with high deductible amounts and those paying out of pocket particularly benefit in choosing our services.


First Trimester Ultrasound:
8 weeks – 14 weeks    $55.00
Pregnancy confirmation and viability, number of fetuses, estimated due date, placental position and amniotic fluid assessment
 Complete Anatomy Screening/Level 2:
20+ weeks gestation     $225.00
The  placental position, umbilical cord, fetal position and amniotic fluid index are evaluated. An estimated fetal weight is obtained. Anatomy screening includes gender identification and examination of intracranial structures, face, abdominal organs, structure of the heart, skeleton, and spine.
Cervical length  
A transvaginal ultrasound is performed to measure the length of the maternal cervix for assessment of risk of pre-term delivery. History of previous pre-term delivery, past procedures performed on the cervix (i.e. LEEP, etc.), and symptoms of pre-term labor (contractions, pressure, etc.) are indications for a cervical length measurement.
Growth Scan 
The placental location, amniotic fluid index, fetal position, and heart rate are assessed. An estimated fetal weight is obtained.
Biophysical Profile 
This exam is used to assess fetal well-being and placental function. Similar to the postnatal apgar scoring, the BPP uses fetal movement, amniotic fluid index, and fetal breathing in it’s scoring. When indicated and initiated,  the BBP should be performed weekly and is predictive of fetal well-being for seven days.
 The physician reading fee for all exams is $75.00
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