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The Stork’s Nest is owned and operated by Yvonne Wam, RDMS. Yvonne has been a Registered Diagnostic Sonographer for over thirty years. For the past twenty years, Yvonne has specialized in high risk obstetrical ultrasound,  working with Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors. Yvonne feels privileged and delighted to share in the wonder, awe, and joy that occurs when a person sees the new life they have created unfolding before their eyes.

Why Elective Ultrasound FAQ

3d-about-usThere are many instances in which a pregnant patient may need to have several ultrasounds to monitor her pregnancy.   In most cases,  women  are allowed only one or two glimpses of their growing baby because they have a normal pregnancy and medical insurance will not pay for additional exams.  I decided to open the Storks Nest after recognizing the desire of these persons to be able  to have an elective ultrasound,  in a comfortable,  relaxed setting, shared with  loved ones.  This is the only such facility in the northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin region.

What to Expect

Ultrasound has been utilized for over thirty years, and not been found to have  any risk or adverse effect on the developing fetus,  particularly when performed by trained, experienced professionals.  You can be assured that your ultrasound will be be performed by ARDMS registered sonographers with  decades of experience.   The state-of-the-art,  GE E8 ultrasound machine,  used by clinics and hospitals world-wide,  will provide excellent imaging of your baby.  Utilizing  2D,  3D, and 4D technology, you will be able to view your baby in the womb.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your Stork’ s Nest visit a wonderful experience, a lasting keepsake of this precious time in your life,  and one you can treasure and ultimately share with your future child to show how very much they were loved, even before they were born.

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